Makeup Monthly – SoniaRoselli: Sexapeel and Water Balm

This doesn’t technically count as makeup but it is for your skin and it makes your makeup go on so beautifully that I had to talk about it here.  I just redid the photos for my website and my extraordinary makeup artist, Avril Lipsky ( introduced me to these yummy products!  They are from Chicago makeup artist Sonia Roselli and boy does this woman know what she’s doing!

sexapeelFirst, Sexapeel.  This gentle exfoliant is amazing!  You spray it on and it smells gorgeous.  Massage it in and leave it for a little while and then wash off with a warm cloth and your skin feels clear, smooth and it looks younger.  The formula uses plant enzymes so that makes me happy!

Then we’ve got Water Balm which is a skin prep lotion. It feels so good and cool as yoriginalou apply it!  Use this whenever you are doing your makeup!  It keeps your skin supple for hours, giving makeup a longer wear and the skin a youthful glow.  And you know how I love that glow!  It also can be used instead of a lot of your other face products!

You can buy her products here Sonia Roselli Beauty and you can find Sexapeel on Amazon.

Makeup Monthly – Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer

TintedMoisturizr_Group__51740.1410988225.380.380Introducing my new go-to quick pick me up!  This moisturizer does the trick – it’s got amazing coverage, moisturizes and evens out my skin tone (and it’s SPF 30 to keep away the sun’s damaging rays). Argan Oil is so good for your skin, and Josie Maran’s products are clean and eco-friendly, so no toxic gunk to put in you body!

This is a perfect makeup for your kit – use it when you don’t feel like putting on a heavy base yet want to give your skin a glowing boost.  Goes on smooth and looks gorgeous.  I sometimes mix in a dab of coconut oil or jojoba oil to give my face an even dewier look!  You can find it at Sephora or

The First Time – Andre Gregory on The Moth

I just heard a wonderful podcast from The Moth.  Andre Gregory, famed writer/actor/director and creator of the classic film “My Dinner with Andre,” talked about falling in love for the first time.  I enjoyed the story but what really captured my imagination was what he learned from this First Time experience.  He said, and I’m doing my best to quote him but it’s not exact:

Try to make every single thing we do, The First Time.  Every encounter we have, The First Time. Look with the eyes of wonder and in that way, from that moment, we can all be in a state of ecstasy, fear, wonder and amazement.  And that is what is to be truly alive.

These are words to live by when we meet industry people or audition or rehearse – to be fully present and stay in wonder and amazement and not shy away from fear (if it comes up).

I already feel this when I work.  I’m happy when I’m shooting, delighted to meet new people, discover who they are and see them through my lens.  I’m amazed by every client who I get to photograph.  What a gift my camera has given to me!

If you want to hear the whole story, listen here:

Creative People

Creative People...This is why I love working with actors, especially #2, #4 and #10.  It’s a risk to come to L.A. and a risk to put yourself out there all the time, audition after audition.  But actors keep going because when they book that job, take the stage or work on set, it is an exquisite high unlike anything else.  I salute my fellow creatives!  My people!  Let’s keep dreaming big and making those dreams come true!

Be Nice To Yourself

love yourselfIf you are like me, you have a critical inner voice that rears it’s ugly head once in a while.  If you are lucky (or if you’ve done loads of therapy) that voice is quiet and can be drowned out when it does decide to wake up and insult you.  I had an experience a few weeks ago that knocked me sideways and I came up against some old fears of not being good enough.    Those fears have a voice that tells me, “don’t bother,” “give up,” “what are you doing with your life anyway.”  So I got quiet for a while and started to play a bit smaller.  But luckily, there is another inner voice that gets stronger in those quiet moments.  That voice shouts “don’t give up,” “you are great,” “it’s going to be ok,” “keep going.”  So that is what I’m writing about today.  Cultivate the inner voice that is nice to yourself.  The one that encourages you, believes in you, thinks you’re perfect.  That voice is truth.  How do you do it?  Tell that other voice “thanks for sharing, but I wouldn’t let you talk that way about my friends so I’m not going to let you talk that way about me.”  Try taking a day where you only say positive things about yourself.  Ask your friends to tell you why they love you.  Make a list of what you like about yourself (especially before an audition or photo session.)  Strengthen that positive, loving voice.  Because that is the voice that’s going to sustain you through rejections, heartache, criticisms and all your friends getting parts while you are picking up extra shifts to make rent.  That voice is going to help.  And, of course, so will chocolate.

Headshot Q&A – Interview #1 – Marlene Sutton, DDO

logoI’m very excited to present my first Headshot Q&A with the incomparable Marlene Sutton, co-owner of DDO Artists Agency. Marlene has been working with actors and their headshots for decades, helping build DDO into one of the world’s top commercial agencies. Here we go!

What, for you, makes a headshot stand out?  It pops with authenticity and color. You have to look like yourself.  It’s clean, not too touched up, no distractions.  You look at it and it looks great. A photo on LA Casting or Actors Access is small – it has to make casting directors take a second look, especially as they are looking at so many photos.

Do you have any headshot pet peeves?   Continue reading

Makeup Monthly – Color Balancing Powder


I’m excited to introduce to you a product from a company that I LOVE!  I’m talking about Alima Pure and their Color Balancing Powders.  My favorite is, Pistachio, which really takes the red out!   Alima’s Color Balancing Powders enhance and brighten your complexion while minimizing discoloration and redness.  And what’s even better about this product (and everything from Alima) – it’s all natural!  Pure minerals from nature. No toxins, no irritants, no preservatives, just pure beauty.  This makeup holds up for camera ready auditions.  And when you are auditioning a lot, wouldn’t you rather put something healthy and nourishing on your skin?

Beauty Redefined

We live in the epicenter of beauty pressure – where the entertainment industry increasingly portrays an unrealistic ideal of how women should look.  Guys, you get it too.  So how do you embrace your own beauty and not buy into the body craze that Hollywood imposes?  First stop – Beauty Redefined!  bR-website-banner copyThese Ph.D. sisters  offer encouraging support, information and images from the people in our town about how to feel good with what you’ve got.  Here, you get to be inspired by quotes from Mindy Kaling, Leah Michele, Lupita Nyong’o, Demi Lovato, Lena Dunham, Melissa McCarthy, Rosario Dawson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sandra Oh, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and more – all successful performers with bodies that either conform or don’t conform to the Hollywood ideal.  Some of them have struggled and come to a beautiful place of acceptance.  Treat yourself to a visit to this fantastic site.  They are on Facebook too!

Don’t Ask Your Mother

Often when you get a new headshot, your instinct is to show the pictures to your friends and mom heart tatoofamily, getting feedback on their favorites.  This is fine, but just don’t listen to them. They are not objective, informed opinions when it comes to what makes a great headshot.  They love you, they think you look great in all the photos – especially your parents.  My own mother loves my pictures and her favorites choices never look like me!  But that’s fine.  She can put that one in a frame on her dresser.  When it comes to choosing your headshot, ask a professional.  Obviously, your agent is the first one to talk to, but if you know a casting director, get their opinion too.  They look at picture’s all day long and know what works, what doesn’t and what’s missing.  My only caveat is if there is a picture you hate, don’t include it when sharing with the pros.  If they pick that one and you hate it, you won’t feel good.  And you should feel great about your picture.  Get your friends’ advice on other things, like your love life.  Another subject you may want to avoid with your mother!

Five Rules for Good Email Etiquette

email-marketing-button2Acting is your business and you often find yourself reaching out via email to connections you make in your daily pursuit of that business.  You want those communications to get results, right?  I just came across this interesting blog about how to write an effective email.  It is geared to techies, but the message is the same: Short, Readable, Clear & Reasonable Request, Display your Professionalism.  Take a look and see how you could apply these tips when writing to agents, casting, industry people, etc.  How to Get a Busy Person to Respond to Your Email